During my career I have had the privilege of instructing numerous Tier One assets within the United States Military. I have taught numerous two day and five day seminars related to the high end fitness and nutrition needs of various operators.


This program: “Tactical Training Month One” is the first in a serious of tactical training programs posted here on www.bobbymaximus.com. They are based on my extensive experience instructing various members of the Special Operations Military Community.

This one-month program is designed to build and improve the general fitness characteristics needed by individuals who must be “fit for whatever situation they encounter”. For many of the people in our military, a high level fitness (or a lack of one) may literally mean the difference between life and death.

This program is essentially a foundation program because most operators need to be focused on having a highly developed generalized level of fitness (i.e. good in all areas) versus being good at a specialized fitness skill.

    No more f@*%ing excuses.