If there was only one thing I was known for in the strength & conditioning world it would most likely be for “Functional Mass Gain”. I have worked with numerous athletes ranging from NFL athletes to MMA fighters to members of the Special Forces Military community on the art of gaining weight while maintaining a high level of functional fitness.


There are people out there who believe it isn’t possible to gain weight and also retain athleticism. There’s a thought out there that when a person gains weight they get slower and can’t move as well. That is not necessarily true. I have helped numerous people gain quality weight while also gaining strength, speed, and agility.

This program will help you gain quality weight, work on your aesthetics, but also increase your athleticism. I believe in developing genuine horsepower. I don’t believe in just getting big for the sake of getting big. I want you to always be as capable as possible. I want you to be strong, agile, and fast. I want you to be a well rounded athlete.

The program requires a commitment of 6 days a week of training with one rest day. Each workout should take an hour or less.